The Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority, Aiming To Help Ease The Problems Of Transportation In Austin With Effective Solutions

The Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority is one of the main players in the transportation scene in Texas. The organization is dedicated to providing the area with improved transportation means, to improve the overall infrastructure of the state, in particular with the city of Austin.

The organization has undertaken numerous projects which have improved the transport facilities in the city such as the building of modernized toll roads to ease the problems of traffic that the city has been facing. The organization began its operations in 2002, and since then has made quite an impact on the city.

According to Crunchbase, the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority functions an independent government agency but does have the power to enforce the rules that the put forward regarding the projects that they undertake. Since it was first formed, the CTRMA has grown tremendously into a billion dollar organization as they invested more and more into improving the infrastructure for transportation in Austin. Learn more about Mike Heilingenstein:

But the organization wanted to ease the transportation problems that the city faces a lot more than what they could by improving the infrastructure. For this, the CTRMA took to the digital medium to provide the people of Austin with tools that would help them on their route. The CTRMA runs an emergency service whereby individuals who have stranded anywhere in the state can call and ask for roadside assistance.

The CTRMA also launched their app, which gave people incentives to use ride sharing methods on their daily commute. It would connect them to people who were also traveling down the same route and give them solutions for them to care share to ease the problems of traffic that the city faces.

One of the key reasons why the CTRMA has seen so much success over the years is because it is led by some of the biggest names in the transportation industry. One of the leaders of the CTRMA is Mike Heiligenstein. Mike Heiligenstein is someone who has worked on numerous projects concerning transportation in the past and had lots of knowledge regarding the field.

Mike Heiligenstein is extremely proficient in leading the CTRMA and is considered to be one of the main reasons for their success. He leads the company from his position as Executive Director of the CTRMA. He has been the pioneer of numerous big projects of the CTRMA and has been instrumental in improving the city’s infrastructure with regards to the transportation problems that it faces.