Gregory Aziz: Injecting Innovation and Diversification into National Steel Car

The initial growth of any company is quite easy, especially if the industry is booming due to external factors. But, the growth of an established firm in a matured industry is considered to be difficult. It is due to various factors as the innovation, service delivery excellence, and other critical internal factors only can make this possible. This is where the real players and visionary executives are identified, whereas companies moved with the help of market momentum lose the battle. When it comes to National Steel Car, the premier player in the tank car and railcar industry, this conclusion is absolutely correct.


The company was established by a group of investors in 1912 and captured greater success in the initial years. But, it lost its momentum in the later years and trailed behind its competitors. The entry of Gregory Aziz into the arena in 1994 changed the fortunes of the struggling railcar maker. He acquired the firm and started leading it from the front as its Chairman. Greg Aziz identified that the company has exceptional engineering expertise and follows a tradition of excellent teamwork. He combined these factors with capacity expansion measures including the addition of workforce as well as plant equipment.



The strategy produced sudden results, and the firm’s production capacity went four-times up by 1999. Also, the workforce headcount touched 3,000 by the mean time from less than 600. These changes put back National Steel Car back to the prime position of North American freight car sector. Gregory J Aziz also initiated the diversification mission clubbed with innovation to address the needs of its broad range of industrial customers. Currently, it produces tanks cars of three different capacity, center beam, auto rack, coal-carrying containers, covered hoppers, jumbo boxcar, super duty box, open top hopper, and many other specially designed containers based on the needs of different industries. Get Related Information Here.



Quality and safety are another two areas Greg James Aziz put larger bets. All the railcars from National Steel Car are exceeding all the AAR quality and safety requirements. By becoming the only railcar company with ISO 9001:2008 certification, it achieved the quality mission of Aziz in a quick span of time. Under Greg Aziz, the railcar maker also wins TTX SECO awards for the last 18 years. He also made the firm focusing on customer loyalty that is paying back in the forms of trust, strong partnership, and understanding. It helped the company to ensure continued business and market expansion.