Spice up Your Life With the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant knows a thing or two about spices. he is the creator of the Original Habanero Shaker, and he has also become known as the “Thai Guy.” He was previously in the real estate business, but his real passion always was in the spice business. He created the very first Habanero Shaker that did not contain any preservatives or diluted ingredients. He even took schooling online to learn how to better market his product on Amazon and eBay.

Joel first tried a Habanero in high school when a friend offered one to him, and he was instantly hooked. He has loved Habaneros ever since and it opened up his world. He even visited Jamaica and tried the Scotch Bonnet which is a variety of the Habanero pepper. He wanted others to love this amazing spice as well, and he discovered that when in dried form, this hot pepper is not only bearable but it tastes great.

Joel is a pretty busy man, but he always finds the time to go on a bike ride. That is when a lot of his brainstorming takes place, and he is always writing down his new ideas on paper to help him to remember his thoughts.

Joel Friant is very interested in why some people are successful, and others are not. He set out to find out why that is and he has given many online lectures and has even published many works.

Joel believes that it is important to surround yourself with the right people and that success comes from within. His worst job involved removing gum off of the sidewalk, but he still drew on it as a learning experience.

A typical day for Friant can be busy, so he stays organized by using his Outlook Calendar. He also uses Facebook and tries to keep a positive outlook on life.

The Habanero has a great taste, but it also has beneficial properties as well. The Habanero pepper helps to create endorphins which help to fight pain, and they also make you feel good. Skype is another useful tool that he uses to stay organized and connected.

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