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It was important for customers to take part in the services with the popular Securus Technologies network because they’re the ones who benefit from the service says, CEO, Rick Smith. They were one of the first network providers to respond to a stabilized food network. Securus has an interactive platform for their customers to leave their comments and refer customer technology. Most networks have huge fees associated with surcharges or the price of celebrity advertisements. They’re able to compete in a competitive rates $2 to $1 over other companies. Share your Securus Technologies story on their website forum today.


Referred Securus Technology


Their online photo options has been good for an easy way for inmates to stay connected to the outside. They can receive up to 5 facility approved photos at a time. It’s a great way to help them follow the progress of a child their first year of school or to see a special someone they haven’t seen in a long time. You have to pay a small fee and have an inmates state issued id to send online photos.


Remote Visits

– Online Email

– Email Stamps

– 24 Hour Customer Support

Inmate Voicemail


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