Madison Street Capital and their performance

Madison Street Capital has won the M&A adviser award for their performance in 2016. Winning any award has challenges and can be difficult, however winning an advisory award means that others can trust you. It says a lot that out of 650 companies, they were the ones that were chosen. Trust is something that it hard to come across today, so when their partners keep doing business with them, you may take it as a good sign. The Madison Street Capital reputation has really been at an all time high ever since they received the award.


They acknowledge that the other candidates were very impressive and the tipped their hat off to them. But their performance represent some of the best work of the M&A industry. Madison Street Capital was also a finalist for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year award and Financials Deal of the Year. Other award groups acknowledge their prescience in the industry. Their integrity, legacy and leadership are some of their greatest values that they hold dear. The award has helped other people recognize what the company represents and maybe their different than what they thought they were. That recognition can help a company expand.


There have been a lot of other great companies that have received that award. Some of the other awards they been recognized for are, “MATERIAL DEAL OF THE YEAR” and “FINANCIAL DEAL OF THE YEAR“. They want to do different things to reach new audiences. That diversity in their portfolio will get them places that they want be acknowledged at. The thing about excellence is that it will often influence others. Madison’s partners will see the level on their, they will try to elevate them self to their level.



Madison Street Capital is a market investment company based in Chicago, Illinois. That company preaches being careful and choosing the right clients to work with. The company has the knowledge and experience to set up the right buyers and sellers to create a great business culture. Knowing that market and how people means can interact and make other dreams happen.


They have other offices in Asia, North America and Africa. Those market will expand and help others that wouldn’t otherwise get the help. Many people operate in the middle market and can’t get out of that space. But Madison Street Capitol is willing people like that reach their goals in their company. Learn more:

The Changed Vision of National Steel Car under Gregory Aziz

The magical touch of some people is revolutionary and changes everything how a system was operating until then. Though the railcar industry across the globe is considered as a sector that needs high engineering capabilities, most of the players in the sector were reluctant to innovate due to many reasons. Even some companies that were considered as industry leaders went back without adding anything significant to their arsenal for long. But in many cases, visionary business leaders change everything and rebrand companies, sectors, products, solutions, service, and more in no time. The most fitting example is the story of National Steel Car – a freight-car firm in Ontario that was founded in 1912.


The company had a flying start but was struggling later years due to lack of diversity and innovation. At this point, Gregory James Aziz – a visionary entrepreneur – decided to change the destiny of the railcar maker. In 1994, he acquired the company and started adding innovation to it. Gregory James Aziz was highly impressed with the firm’s great team of professionals and engineering expertise. He added innovation, diversity, and safety into goals of the company. Gregory J Aziz expanded the plant and human capacity by adding new equipment and hiring more professionals. By 1999, National Steel Car bounced back to become the biggest player in the North American freight-car industry.


Greg Aziz, with his strong integrity, ensured that the company products are coming with the highest quality standards. The firm is a consistent holder of ISO 9001:2008 certification and TTX SECO quality award for almost 18 years with many recertification and consecutive awards. While coming to the safety, James Aziz introduced futuristic safety standards in the company in 2014. He hired more professionals and brought the most modern equipment to advance in the mission. Gregory James Aziz understands the complex needs of the firm’s large industrial customer base, especially chemical, petrochemical, and oil companies.


Interestingly, the futuristic safety standards even accepted by the other players in the industry in the later years. Recently, the governments of the United States and Canada agreed to adopt the safety standards to make the industry ready for the next-gen safety standards. Greg Aziz spends his ample time in philanthropy works as well and encourages his colleagues at National Steel Car to follow his steps. He ensured that freight-car maker is sufficiently investing in genuine causes as part of its corporate responsibility programs. National Steel Car contributed to the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, and many other events and programs.


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Learning with the Successful Ideas of Gregory Aziz

Many entrepreneurs fail to run their businesses and achieve their goals because of a lack of preparation, patience, and persistence. That, coupled with the fear of losing everything, drives young businesspeople to release the potential of their businesses.


For the development of your company, your firm, your business, you have to always keep an eye in the way you are handling the pressure of entrepreneurship, and how you interact with your employees, if you have them (some entrepreneurs are one-man companies, which is okay!). You also have to analyze how your product or service interacts with the customer base that you are trying to target, and all of these items can get you very overwhelmed, especially if you feel like you are doing everything alone.

However, take a deep breath, as we will be analyzing one of the most successful entrepreneurs of recent date, Gregory James Aziz, which is currently the CEO and leader of the National Steel Car corporation, that tackles the railroad freight cars industry of Canada.


Gregory James Aziz started working as a young businessman when he was invited to work with the business of his family, Affiliated Foods. Now, although the young Greg had the opportunity to already work in a gigantic multinational company, his job in the company is not to be misjudged. He brought intense profit and success to the corporation, and the sales in the exterior market were very positively affected because of the work and ideas of Greg Aziz in the company.

Gregory J Aziz worked with his family for a couple of years before deciding to jump off the company and pursue his own achievements with his own guts in the table. That proved to be very difficult when he decided to buy the company National Steel Car, which would be completing its first century in the business.


National Steel Car, nowadays, simply dominates the market that they are settled in. They are the most successful group in the industry, and they are the prioritized material providers for companies in the United States in particular. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


Gregory Aziz, after studying intensely the industry of his new company and learning how to become the leader that the company needed, he achieved a lot of success. In a few years, James Aziz learned a few valuable lessons, like the importance of hiring the right people, at the right time, and giving hope and a sense of accomplishments to your employees. He always considered the importance of working for the long game, and not losing his spirit whenever something failed. Read This Article for more information.


Greg Aziz keeps pushing forward, and this gives motivation to his new firm.

Sahm Adrangi’s Combination of Research and Investment Drives Growth for his Firm

To be a successful investor in the financial markets, you must be a good researcher as well. Good investment decisions must be informed by intensive and extensive research. Successful stock market investors are those who can apply research information to make investment decisions. This is the exact maneuver that Sahm Adrangi is good at – combining research and investment decisions. His emphasis on research, for instance, saw him call disastrous expectation in the biotech industry in advance a few months ago and it came to pass.

In 2009, Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC with a capital of one million dollars. Today the company manages assets whose value is more than three hundred and fifty million dollars. That translates to an extremely high growth rate per year. It remains one of a few entrepreneurial successes stories in recent times. Sahm Adrangi is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Sahm Adrangi is known for his aggressive short positions and publishing lots of research. His research on Chinese companies in 2011 and subsequent publication of result saw him rake returns of more than hundred and eighty percent. While he retains a good mix of short and long positions, it is good to note that most of his profits have been raked from aggressive short positions, and learn more about Sahm Adrangi.

Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC encourages writing and goes on to hire extremely strong writers as part of its corporate culture. Sahm Adrangi concentrates his research on overhyped shorts and underestimated longs. Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC majors in trying to figure out the means to correct market mismatches on various positions in the market. The possibility of profiting from market expectations mismatches with true economic positions is always high.

Prior to this extraordinary entrepreneurial story, Sahm Adrangi worked as an investment analyst for Longacre Fund Management, LLC. He also worked for the bankruptcy restructuring group known as Chanin Capital Partners. Where he used to give crucial advice to creditors on matters of bankruptcy. Prior to that, he had also worked at the Deutsche Bank where he helped syndicate and structure bank debt and high yield bonds, and read full article.

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Bradesco’s Leading Man Luiz Carlos Trabuco Will Oversee The Appointment Of A New President At Bradesco, As Its Recently Appointed Chairman

The Bradesco brand is one of the most recognizable in Brazil. The bank’s current president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is often seen in the press commenting on matters relating to the state of the Brazilian economy. His opinion is equally highly regarded by leading political thinkers.

As such, it is evident that the bank’s high standing regard among the Brazilian public is largely as a result of the leadership it has had over the last few decades. That is why it is important that the bank conducts the process of selecting a new president competently and effectively. The position will no longer be held by Luiz Carlos Trabuco in the coming months as he has been appointed to the position of board chairman.

The position of board chairman was previously held by Lazaro Brandao. Mr. Brandao recently stepped down from the position due to old age. He had been with the bank for more than seven decades and even previously served as its president. In a move that perhaps foreshadowed his resignation this year, Mr. Brandao in 2014 nominated Luiz Carlos Trabuco to become the vice chairman of the board. The three years that Mr. Trabuco has since served on the board in have ably prepared him to guide the bank as its chairman for years to come.

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The incoming president will be the fifth in Bradesco’s history. The previous four were Amador Aguiar (the founder of the bank), Lazaro Brandao, Marcio Cypriano and Luiz Carlos Trabuco according to Each of these presidents was one of the leading banking executives during his tenure and are considered legends at the bank. The bank, therefore, is looking to add another legendary name through the current succession process. As with all other appointments of this nature, the board will appoint a president from among the senior executives currently at the ban. Therefore, one of the bank’s current vice presidents will be given the nod. The decision, however, is not expected until early next year. In the meantime, therefore, the chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue being the bank’s able president.

The incoming president will find in place great foundational work done by Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Through a combination of smart acquisitions and organic growth, Mr. Trabuco has been able to significantly improve Bradesco position over the course of the last eight years. One particular move during his tenure that has particularly proved to be crucial is the acquisition of Bradesco for over $5 billion. The acquisition allowed Bradesco to significantly expand its branch network and customer base in a single sweep. With the Brazilian economy being expected to improve considerably in the coming months, the incoming president will no doubt have numerous opportunities to similar shrewd moves with an aim to grow Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s journey thus far has been nothing short of inspirational. The man who joined the bank as a clerk 48 years ago is now the chairman of its board of directors. It has taken great dedication, brilliance, and loyalty for Luiz Carlos Trabuco to get to where he is today. He has been appointed to numerous positions while at the bank that have led him to work in most areas of its operations. As a result, none of the current employees at Bradesco know the bank better than he does. Along the path, he had numerous offers and opportunities away from Bradesco, including being offered the position of Brazilian finance minister, but he never once considered walking away from the financial institution. This appointment to the position of chairman shows that the Bradesco equally loves and is loyal to Luiz Carlos Trabuco.