Jeremy Goldstein on Employee Compensation Options

Many corporations have stopped offering their employees stock options. Some of them did this to save money, but there are three major reasons why companies cut off these benefits.



  1. In the event the stock value drops significantly, staff may not be able to exercise the options. The business will still need to report expenses and their stockholders are faced with option overhang risk.
  2. Many employees know that when the economy is bad, options can be rendered worthless, and they prefer other compensation methods.
  3. Options cause significant accounting burdens, whose financial implications may tramp the benefits of the derivatives. Employees value higher salaries instead, salaries which would be made possible if the employer eliminated the derivatives.


This doesn’t mean that options are completely worthless. In fact, they can boost earnings when a company’s share value increases. This way, employees work harder so as to ensure that the company succeeds. Employees also get to understand stock options. Businesses sometimes compensate their top executives with equities. Options have fewer tax burdens on the company compared to shares.



By awarding employees with options, a company can avoid excess costs by adopting a strategy which minimizes overhang and expenses. A firm may opt to adopt a barrier option called the knockout. This type of option is similar to the ordinary option, except that when the share value falls below a set amount, employees have the power to cancel it once the value remains low for more than one week.



Attorney Jeremy Goldstein is the go-to guy when it comes to advice on employee benefits. He has more than 15 years’ experience in business law and has a law firm in New York.



He has worked with some of the world’s leading companies, for example, Verizon, Duke Energy, Chevron, Bank One, among others. He is also a board member of Fountain House, a nonprofit organization, and a prestigious law journal.


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US Money Reserve Assists Victims of Hurricane Harvey

On November 2017, the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) partnered with US Money Reserve to raise $219,622 for Hurricane Harvey victims. US Money Reserve is a precious metals distributor that is based in Texas. The company has offices in Austin, Houston and Beaumont. After the unprecedented Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas’ coastline, US Money Reserve quickly created a relief initiative that would assist victims of the hurricane. During September 2017, US Money Reserve was matching all donations made to ADRN’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. All donations were made via ADRN’s YouCaring page.

Angela Koch, the chief executive of US Money Reserve, stated that the company felt compelled to assist their fellow Texans during their time of need. The company was deeply affected by the hurricane as employees, friends and customers of the company were affected by the hurricane. Due to the enormity of the rebuilding effort US Money Reserve felt that they had to chip in and assist their neighbors and friends. US Money Reserve chose to work with ADRN due to their track record of assisting Texans after natural disasters. All funds that were raised went to directly assist victims of Hurricane Harvey. Daniel Geraci, a director at ADRN stated that companies such as US Money Reserve are instrumental in meeting the high financial cost of disaster response. Mr. Geraci stated that the donation from US Money reserve would have a positive impact on many lives.

US Money Reserve is one of the leading private distributors of gold, platinum and silver products in the US. The company, which was founded in 2001, deals only with government issued precious metals that are legal tender products. The firm has hundreds of thousands of clients who use the company to purchase precious metals usually in the form of silver or gold coins.

US Money Reserve has a team of highly trained experts in numismatics and coin research. The team assists the firm’s clients in finding precious metal products. These products are chosen so that the clients can get products with high profit potential.

The company is the only precious metals distributor in the US led a former director of the United States Mint. Philip Diehl, who is chairman of US Money Reserve, served as the 35th Director of the United States Mint ( Mr. Diehl brings expert knowledge and firsthand experience in the business of precious metals. US Money Reserve’s customers have benefited immensely from Diehl’s expertise.


The growth of Aloha construction and its community initiatives

There is a strong need for any company to form a strong connection with the community and society it serves. This ensures that they feel appreciated as well as develop a strong and mutual relationship between the company and the people around it.This mantra has been the guiding principle of Aloha construction since it was established as a family-owned business. The company has been very instrumental in its core mandate as a contractor but that other one as a charitable organization that is always ready and willing to give back.They have engaged in various events both as an individual company as well as through partnerships with various other organizations the most recent one being with Learning Express where they came together to give kids a fun day that involved a shopping spree for them within the toy store.

Aloha construction is a general contractor that has various specialties that are well equipped in terms of personnel and the relevant equipment and tools to ensure smooth operations at every level. The company gives every field team a number of members very specific roles to ensure that projects are completed on time and within set budgets. The team will include team leaders, supervisors valuers, and inspectors to oversee the entire technical team responsible for implementation of the project, and learn more about Aloha Construction.

This coupled with the very good relationship that Aloha construction continuously endeavors to create with its supplier’s clients and subcontractors is what gives them an edge in the filed. Suppliers ensure that clients have easy and well-priced materials for there projects while relationships with clients ensure that Aloha construction is always being called back for more jobs.

They have a very diverse roofing team that is well vast in the construction of all styles and types of roofs ranging from flat to slanting.The materials for roofing are also kept diverse to ensure that every Aloha construction client’s needs and the taste are taken care of, and

Gutters give the house a touch of style as well as protection from water damage that could be a major threat by itself all through other factors such as the growth of mold where dampness is not taken care of, and

What should you know about Jason Hope?

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, futurist and innovator based in Arizona, US. His knowledge and use of the modern technology, as well as his nature of giving back to the society, make him be one of the most important people in the world’s business and marketing field. He uses technology and related software in most of his operations. The IT guru also knows finance and marketing, the skills that he utilizes in most of his real-life experiences.


Jason Hope’s educational background

Jason Hope is an IT expert with skills in finance and marketing. His parents brought him up in Tempe, Arizona. The famous technologist and philanthropist is a graduate with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Finance from Arizona State University where his specialization was on startup, business management, and business strategy. He, therefore, have the skills for analyzing the market trends through the lenses of technology to identify opportunities that exist in any market environment.

Jason Hope’s career in Technology

Immediately he graduated from the Arizona University; he established his mobile communication company in the same town. In this business, he was focused on changing the lifestyle on the youth through the Business of Internet campaign. Jason Hope believes that politics is the backbone of any sector of the economy and so he has a lot of interest in politics especially the politics involving business. The internet-based entrepreneur has invested in many companies some of which are his brain-children. He is the founder of JAWA mobile technology limited, and Jason Hope Business Consulting Company and an investor in SENS Research Foundation. It is through this investment projects that Jason Hope tries to exhibit his love for both business and medical research, and resume him.


Jason Hope’s philanthropy

The renowned technologist values medicine and health-related issues. As a result, he has donated much money to SENS Research Foundation to help in solving some of the health-related challenges. He also promotes the youth in their quest to be better entrepreneurs in future through mentoring them and providing grant programs to enable them to jumpstart their career in the world of business. Jason Hope is always free to share with anyone his own life story and how he managed to be one of the world’s number one technologist and internet entrepreneur. He encourages the youth and any other interested persons to utilize the internet and social media to market their businesses, and

Whitney Wolfe Weds Fiancée in a Colorful Wedding Ceremony

The chief executive officer of one of the most popular dating sites, Whitney Wolfe has tied the knot. The businesswoman was fortunate to marry the love of her life in a wedding that was attended by guests and prominent people from all walks of life. Whitney Wolfe wedding ceremony took place on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, and from the wedding pictures posted online by her friends, the wedding was colorful. The news about the colorful wedding has been received positively by her fans and her family who were looking forward to having good end to the love story. The young techie has built her career in the competitive market, and she has proved to everyone that she has all the qualities of a great entrepreneur.

Whitney Wolfe’s wedding was not announced to the public. However, many people knew that she was dating Michael Herd, a rich oil heir. The couple found love in each other after they met several years ago during Valentine’s Day. Their love grew, and they got engaged to each other in July this year. The guests who attended the colorful event had an opportunity to visit the Italian coast and they got to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment activities. According to some close sources, the highly anticipated wedding was only attended by close friends and family members.

Whitney Wolfe is known to many people as a young and revolutionary woman who is changing the online dating scene. The business ventured into the industry just after completing her education, and she wanted to connect single people who were lonely. According to her resume, the young techie went for education at the Dallas Southern Methodist University that is based in Dallas. Wolfe studied international studies, and she has been using the skills acquired to impact lives positively.

Immediately after graduating from college, Wolfe decided to venture into the technology world. At first, she worked with her friends so that she could form an online dating site. However, she left the institution so that she could form Bumble. Under her leadership, the application has done exceptionally well, and it has connected millions of people who are single. The market is already dominated by millions of dating apps that promise to deliver exceptional results, yet they do not. With the great help of a qualified team of experts, Wolfe has introduced the kind of features single people are looking for, and this is why the application has been so successful.