Larkin & Lacey Changing Lives

In the wake of Joe Arpaio’s pardoning by President Donald Trump, and the ruling by U.S. District Judge, Susan R. Bolton, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, longtime foes of the former sheriff, as well as the practices of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, took to the media to express their disdain with the decision, as well as to detail a condensed list of the many crimes committed by the elected official.

Joe Arpaio, known for his consistent violations of the human rights of Latino Americans throughout Maricopa County, as well as for his “concentration camp,” “tent city,” brought the rift with Phoenix New Times to a new low, when he had Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey arrested for an alleged leak of information regarding a grand jury that was investigating them.

The charges were proven to be bogus, and in less than 24 hours, after the district attorney refused to prosecute, the charges were dropped. This would lead to a three-year court battle between Joe Arpaio and the Phoenix New Times chiefs, in which Larkin and Lacey would emerge victorious, winning a $3.75 million settlement. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

1970 proved to be a life-altering time for Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, as well as for the rest of the country. After dropping out from Arizona State University, the world-renowned duo of newspapermen, becoming increasingly aware of the nation’s desire for an effective alternative news outlet, decided to become involved.

On campus, protests were beginning to mount at exponential rates due to the controversial nature of the Vietnam War, and after the Kent State Killings, which were executed by a group of National Guardsmen, Larkin and Lacey were immediately moved to act. Joining a group of students, which consisted of Nick Stupey, Hal Smith, Frank Fiore, and Karen Lofgren, they produced the inaugural issue of Phoenix New Times.

It quickly caught fire and after a short period of time, the group began increasing the size of the free weekly, including satirical cartoons, as well as covering a wide range of events that expanded beyond social commentary.

With Jim Larkin acting as the business partner, helping to secure ads by a number of reputable organizations, including J.C. Penny, Michael Lacey handled to the production of the print paper, quickly taking on the role of Executive Editor.

Throughout the 1970’s, Phoenix New Times continued to grow, becoming one of the most widely read alternative newspapers in the United States, and by the time 1983 hit, they had acquired the Denver-based weekly, Westword, which would play an integral role in their forward expansion.

Eventually, New Times Inc, with Jim Larkin acting as Chief Executive Officer, would be the home to nearly 20 like-minded newspapers, expanding their readership throughout every major U.S. market. After a run that spanned four decades, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey sold the company to a group of trusted execs, stepping away from journalism for a brief period. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Today, Larkin and Lacey have re-entered the world of investigative journalism, recently launching FrontPage Confidential, which continues the practice of producing fact-based news, while holding true to their commitment to the upholding of the constitutional rights of the people.

Irish Transport and General Workers

James (Jim) Larkin founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU), which then became the biggest union of the region through his work as an activist and Irish Labor organizer.

Larkin was born in Liverpool in 1874 and, although he had very little education, he worked a variety of jobs when he was younger in order to help supplement his family’s income. He worked his way up to be a Foreman at the Liverpool docks. Since he had experience with so many jobs, he saw workers being treated unfairly and then joined the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL).

Afterward, he became a union organizer full time. The NUDL didn’t like the methods he used as an organizer, so he was then moved to Dublin two years later. Learn more about James Larkin:

Larkin followed by founding the ITGWU. His goal was to have all industrial workers, whether they were skilled or not, belong to one union. He launched the Irish Worker in 1911, a paper dedicated to the cause.

Since workers in Dublin had very little rights, Larkin founded the Irish Labour Party with James Connolly. He then organized a series of strikes to raise awareness of various issues.

The Dublin Lockout in 1913 was the most significant strike. During this lockout, more than 100,00 employees went on strike, which lasted longer than seven months. During this time, they won the rights to fair employment.

James Larkin never used violence, but instead used strikes and boycotting of goods to get the message across. Most of the press was against Larkin, but he did also have many supporters. When World War I broke out, he held large anti-war demonstrations in Dublin. His message was for Irishmen to not be involved in the war.

Larkin spent some time in America after coming for a lecture tour and raising funds to fight the British. While in America, he was a part of the Socialist Party of America as well as the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Larkin was deported back to Ireland after being convicted of communism and criminal anarchy. Upon returning, he helped establish the Workers’ Union of Ireland and was a member of the Irish Labour Party until his death in 1947.

Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

The War Against Human Rights Violation by Larkin and Lacey

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin played a huge role in shaping the city of Arizona which had been affected by the oppression of the immigrants. The two were taking part in journalistic activities before venturing into the act of assisting the community to restore the human rights and democracy. T

he two came up with an organization that was set to boost the efforts of the journey towards gaining their goals in the field. These include Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

The aim of putting up the tow media organization was to fights for the minority rights in the community especially the refugees whose rights had been violated in most parts of the United States.

The person known for the act of the oppression was Joe Arpaio who originated from Maricopa County. There are a lot of challenges that the two organization experience during the process of their mission in the field. For instance the resistance by the Sheriff.

The issues presented by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin on the matters affecting the lives of the immigrants were not taken seriously by the authorities and the leadership of Sheriff. The primary one includes the molestation of the children and women.

Furthermore, most of the refugees in their workplaces were being discriminated and the government was turning blind eye to the act. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin rallied the people in the society and informed them about the abuse of power by the authorities.

The two set up an organization that was meant to assist the small unions who were fighting for the human rights in the society financially. The intention was to terminate the issue completely and create a balanced society that respects the human rights. They integrated the right measure in the organization to set their target to the required niche.

The incident attracted concern by the human rights authorities across the globe. Furthermore, they engage the small bodies in various programs of sensitizing the refugees about their rights. The dedication of the two individual in their activities earned them a lot of achievements in their mission. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The other role of the organization erected by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin was to stand for the oppressed people in the community and the one denied the freedom of speech in the Arizona city.

There are several organizations of human rights that combined efforts with the one created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. For example, Human Rights Foundation that is based in the New York.

In 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin faced arrest after the authorities and the order of Sheriff demanded them to be detained. The cause of the act was the statement they had put in their article concerning the issues of the grand jury proceeds.

The public then demanded the two journalists to be freed. They, therefore, sued the state for ordering their arrest. They then won the case and were compensated $ 3.75 million by the state.

They put all the amount in elevating the efforts of gaining the human rights through the various boost to the other programs of the small humanitarians’ organizations.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have placed the right measures in supporting the human rights in the community especially in United States.

Jeremy Goldstein and the Great Compensation Debate

Performance-based pay has been on the top of many company’s agendas in recent years. Businesses always struggle with how to reward their employees for a job well-done, especially considering that these incentive payments are often a large part of the company’s budget. Now, a debate has come up around what the most appropriate way to reward these employees is, and the problem has become so bad that many companies have deferred to lawyers and consultants like Jeremy L. Goldstein to settle their disputes and come to a common resolution.


The main argument for performance-based pay is that it allows employees to feel some ownership in the results of the company. Flat incentive payments do not incentivize employees to raise sales or cut costs. Performance-based metrics give employees a sense of ownership over their own raises. These programs have often led to improved performance over many years as well. However, now many opponents are arguing that Executives have too much power to alter the performance of a company and that these pay programs are far from short-term in their purview.


One of the common metrics used for performance-based-pay programs is EPS, or earnings-per-share. Basic EPS is simply the earnings the company makes for the period in question divided by the number of shares outstanding. Understandably, this metric is very easy for Executives to influence. If they want a particularly successful quarter, they might just hold off on certain expenses or accelerate revenue into that quarter to improve the metrics. Also, EPS is not a measure of how the company will do in the future. It is possible for a company to have a very high EPS, and therefore high incentive payments, one quarter and then miss projections by a large margin in the next quarter. That is why Jeremy Goldstein was brought in to mediate.


With his help, these companies have determined that the best course of action is to mix short-term metrics like EPS with long-term outlooks on performance to determine an incentive program that works for everyone. They also want to make sure that Executives are held accountable for their decisions.


Jeremy Goldstein is a Partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He is based in New York and has been the lead on many compensation and corporate governance cases just like this one. His firm is focused on serving companies that are going through mergers and acquisitions, or those that are just going through major transitions in their structure, to determine the best way to alter their compensation packages.


Jeremy Goldstein has been a lawyer for several years. He earned his M.S. degree from the University of Chicago, and his J.D. from the New York University School of Law. He is currently the chair of the M&A Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section, and he will continue to help companies for years to come.


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Adam Milstein Explains What Is Fueling The Rise Of Antisemitism Today

Adam Milstein’s latest opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post discusses the cooperation occurring between radical leftists and radical Islamists to spread antisemitism and delegitimize the state of Israel. Mr. Milstein discusses this disturbing and growing new trend in the October op-ed piece featured in the Jerusalem post in detail and explains what is the reason why radical leftists and radical Islamists are working together.

It may seem strange at first that these two very different factions will be cooperating says Adam Milstein. Radical leftists claim that feminism, equality and LGBT rights are the bedrock of their beliefs. The radical Islamists meanwhile, call for Sharia law or strict Islamic law that mandates women be subjugated, and homosexuals imprisoned or executed.

These two sides are seemingly incompatible with one another, yet they are working together to delegitimize the state of Israel, which is where Adam Milstein was born and grew up in. Both groups are also virulently anti-Semitic. Adam Milstein exclaims that the common denominator between these two groups is that they both loathe the West and the freedom it offers. The fact that Israel is a thriving Western-style democracy makes it abhorrent both to radical leftists and radical Islamists, and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

Even though they have very different beliefs when it comes to women’s rights, freedom of religion, and LGBT rights, they share the same hatred for Israel and the West. This makes them partners during anti-Israel demonstrations and even anti-American demonstrations. The radical left and radical Islamic alliance is only growing stronger and poses an ever-greater threat to the Jewish community and the state of Israel says Adam Milstein.

There are plenty of people on the radical left such as Bernie Sanders in the United States and Jeremy Corbyn in the United Kingdom who are encouraging antisemitism according to Mr. Milstein. Both Sanders and Corbyn campaigned for Paul Eisen, who is a self-avowed Holocaust denier. Paul Eisen has even published a book about the denial of the Holocaust. He claims the systematic murder of over 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime never happened, and

Adam Milstein believes that the best way to counter the growing threat of the radical left and the radical Islamists today is to take the fight to them. When he is not working with Hager Pacific Properties, Mr. Milstein works fervently with pro-Israel groups that fight against BDS. He also works with many other charities that combat antisemitism in the United States, especially on college campuses. Mr. Milstein also leads the Israeli-American Council, which is a major Jewish organization within the United States, and more information click here.

The Massive Effort of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is the famous hardworking people that have made in the scene of business. He is steering the operation at the National Steel Car at the position of the CEO. Many achievements have been accomplished by the organization through his leadership in the company. Aziz is a skilled leader who has implemented the modern ways of running the system at National Steel Car with the aim of pushing the achievements of the set target in the firm.


The company has concentrated on delivering the services of the freight and in the production of the railroad materials. As the CEO of the company, he oversees all the activities taking place in the business and checking the operations in all corners. The company through the leadership of Gregory James Aziz has set up an experienced team of experts responsible for driving the objectives of the National Steel Car. The factor that has boosted the image of the National Steel Car in the scene of business is the quality of services for their clients.


Greg Aziz being a confident leader has put up the perfect ways of coordinating the services on the firm to allow the smooth flow of communication between different departments. He has erected several branches in various regions across the globe which aids in linking the information from the clients to the central office. The feedback from the customers will then assist the company in making the required changes to their services to meet their clients’ necessity. The company has been in existence for the last 15 years, and this has helped its management to understand the trends in the market.


Gregory Aziz is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario. He majored in the field of economics. The skills Aziz has enabled him to propel the company to the peak point in the market. The environment he was raised him helped him perfect the skills of managing the business, He was part of the team in charge of the family food company Affiliated Foods. He rose to the higher level due to his commitment and made the company recorded a significant amount of revenue during his tenure as a manager. Additionally, he reached out to the customers of their products in other parts of the world by exporting the firm’s products.


Gregory Aziz has proved to be a skilled leader in the ring of business with a potential of achieving the set goals through various approaches. See This Page for more information

Larkin & Lacey Recap Their Personal Experiences Against Sheriff Arpaio

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey spoke out against President Donald Trump’s decision to offer a pardon to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It was 10 years ago that the pair of men were awoke from their beds only to be carried out of their homes and placed in jails.

The pair of men would be taken to separate jails and were placed there for 2 days before being released by a judge who called the arrest unjudicial.

The two men had opted to disclose information that had pertained to a grand jury investigation and this release of information had landed the two men in jail. During this time period, the Michael Lacey was running the Village Voice Media news as the executive editor. Jim Larkin was the CEO of the company. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

On the day of their arrest, the pair had released a story which concerned a probe by the grand jury. The Phoenix New Times publication had released the story concerning the sheriff. The sheriff was said to have rigged the arrest because of the fact that he was being ousted about his wrong doings while in office, that dated all the way back to his days of running for sheriff in the year 1992.

In more recent times, a new story was ran in the Front Page Confidential. The writer was Stephen Lemons. During this article, the writer discussed the difficult times by the two men who wrote the original stories ran about the sheriff.

In the recent articles, they addressed the stories that were ran once already about the sheriff. It discussed the number of inmates who had died while in jails, about how the mothers who were giving birth would be shackled to their beds and the one story that got attention that discussed his presance surrounding tent city. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

As soon as the stories were run in the newspaper about the sheriff by Lacey & Larkin, the next big story that would loom over his head would be about the two men that he ended up seeking out against with a vendetta where the newspaper men were concerned.

This is not where the story ends however. Not only did he have a problem with the newspaper men but he also held a distinct hate towards the Latino’s who worked and lived within his jurisdiction.

When the men were arrested and imprisoned for just two days, it was later ruled that their first amendment was violated. The news of their story did not just shake Arizona to their core, it also made national headlines.

It was just 24 hours after the release of the story, the men were informed that their cases had been dropped and a news conference surrounding their stories was addressed.

Lacey & Larkin would end up filing suit against the county and later won 3.75 million dollars through a settlement. The money that they won was used as a way to bring awareness to nonprofits and to begin the Frontera Fund.

This fund is now being used to make sure that migrants and even immigrants are protected.

Gregory Aziz: Injecting Innovation and Diversification into National Steel Car

The initial growth of any company is quite easy, especially if the industry is booming due to external factors. But, the growth of an established firm in a matured industry is considered to be difficult. It is due to various factors as the innovation, service delivery excellence, and other critical internal factors only can make this possible. This is where the real players and visionary executives are identified, whereas companies moved with the help of market momentum lose the battle. When it comes to National Steel Car, the premier player in the tank car and railcar industry, this conclusion is absolutely correct.


The company was established by a group of investors in 1912 and captured greater success in the initial years. But, it lost its momentum in the later years and trailed behind its competitors. The entry of Gregory Aziz into the arena in 1994 changed the fortunes of the struggling railcar maker. He acquired the firm and started leading it from the front as its Chairman. Greg Aziz identified that the company has exceptional engineering expertise and follows a tradition of excellent teamwork. He combined these factors with capacity expansion measures including the addition of workforce as well as plant equipment.



The strategy produced sudden results, and the firm’s production capacity went four-times up by 1999. Also, the workforce headcount touched 3,000 by the mean time from less than 600. These changes put back National Steel Car back to the prime position of North American freight car sector. Gregory J Aziz also initiated the diversification mission clubbed with innovation to address the needs of its broad range of industrial customers. Currently, it produces tanks cars of three different capacity, center beam, auto rack, coal-carrying containers, covered hoppers, jumbo boxcar, super duty box, open top hopper, and many other specially designed containers based on the needs of different industries. Get Related Information Here.



Quality and safety are another two areas Greg James Aziz put larger bets. All the railcars from National Steel Car are exceeding all the AAR quality and safety requirements. By becoming the only railcar company with ISO 9001:2008 certification, it achieved the quality mission of Aziz in a quick span of time. Under Greg Aziz, the railcar maker also wins TTX SECO awards for the last 18 years. He also made the firm focusing on customer loyalty that is paying back in the forms of trust, strong partnership, and understanding. It helped the company to ensure continued business and market expansion.

Adam Milstein Has No Regrets

When a person gives their time to a certain career or some kind of a cause, they have to make sure that they are doing what they should be doing. There are some who are happy with the work that they take on and the job that they complete and there are others who live with regret. When Adam Milstein was questioned about any regrets that he might have in regard to the life that he has lived, he boldly shared that he does not have regrets. When he was asked how he would do things if he was to start over, what he would change, he shared that he would do things just as he has and that he would not change anything.

Adam Milstein believes that it is important for a person to spend time contemplating the issues that are before them to figure out a solution to them. He thinks that those who see problems out there should take them on and figure out a way of dealing with them. When he was questioned about what it is that he does over and over again and that he recommends that others do, he shared that he believes in being a part of the solution to problems that one sees.

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor and he is a philanthropist. He has much work in front of him at all times and yet he is able to take on what he wants to do and handle everything well. He is someone who has done a good job of making a name for himself. When he was questioned about how he has gotten to the place he is at, he shared that he does not set specific goals for himself. One of the things that has allowed Adam Milstein to live without regrets is his choice to keep from limiting himself with specific goals to meet.

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